Photos: Smoke and fire in multi station CFA drill

Kyneton CFA Smoke Drill
Kyneton CFA Smoke Drill
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This drill involved Kyneton Fire Brigade, along with Carlsruhe Fire Brigade CFA & Malmsbury Fire Brigade which were “responded” to reports of smoke issuing from the recently closed Turners Hardware store.

Crews were presented with an arson attack at a disused warehouse with multiple squatters trapped inside. Firefighters were required to don Breathing Apparatus & search the building for casualties. Due to the size of the building 3 smoke machines were required to fill the space with enough smoke to simulate real conditions. During the firefight, a second simulated fire started in the rear carpark, this required crews to think on their feet to redirect teams to fight the second fire whilst keeping crews available to manage the first incident. The second fire was simulated with an LPG powered fire extinguisher training prop. The added presence of heat and flames really makes the scenario feel more realistic.

Lieutenant Gareth McIntyre, responsible for Operational Response, said “It was great to have access to a building that 90% of our brigade members have never been into. When you add smoke & darkness it’s easy to get disorientated”

“Our firefighters train and learn skills every week, a chance like this lets us test ourselves on what we’ve learnt so we can be ready when someone in our community needs us,” he said.

Thanks also goes to Kyneton Junior Fire Brigade members for coming along to act as casualties.

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