Photos: Service station alight in Windsor, NSW

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On the 27th of April, multiple 000 calls were received to a petrol station alight in Windsor, NSW. A corvette had finished filling with petrol and when the owner started the car next to the bowser, it erupted into flames.

It is alleged that the driver sustained burns at the time, but has yet to be confirmed. Crews arrived to find a car, a bowser and the roof of the service station well alight.

On arrival, our captain confirmed isolation of fuel and turned the power off at the board. He also called for a second alarm due to the risk and also water supply. Two firefighters got straight to work with a line of hose and BA as the LP gas pump was being impacted by fire as well as other infrastructure.

FRNSW 083 Station

Hazmat crews monitored runoff and the scene was handed over to Fire and Police investigators. The service station attendant should be commended on their action in isolating and clearing the public.

FRNSW 083 Station

Stations in attendance:
FRNSW 083 Riverstone
FRNSW 077 St Marys
FRNSW 081 Windsor
FRNSW 082 Richmond
FRNSW 094 Kellyville
FRNSW 096 Schofields
Duty Command Blue Mountains

Thanks to Quarrie Photography and FRNSW 083 for the photos and info!

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