Have a look in the Rosenbauer B-Type!

Rosenbauer B Type
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Fire and Emergency New Zealand had a trial running in late 2017 of a Rosenbauer B-Type, Derek Quinn was able to have a look over the demo appliance and grabbed a bunch of photos. The stats he was able to give us are below as well. The vehicle wasn’t used in any form of operational activity, rather it did the rounds around the country to showcase its capabilities.

  • Scania P320 Euro Chassis.
  • 2000 liter water tank.
  • Rosenbauer NH45 l/min pump with high-pressure stage 4000l/min.
  • Around the pump foam system and CAFS.
  • Rear mounted pump.
  • One high-pressure hose reel and one low-pressure hose reel.
  • Light mast and RM 25 turret (roof monitor).

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