Keysborough Fire Brigade from the CFA undertook some great scenario drills recently with their adjoining station Springvale CFA – bringing with it some equally great photography!

Last night the Keysborough Fire Brigade teamed up with our neighbours Springvale CFA for brigade weekly training.

Keysborough CFA Drill
Keysborough CFA Drill

While nine members from the two brigades were busy at the Keysborough Fire Station kicking off their combined Low Structure Fire Fighter course, the remaining fire-fighters were welcomed to the Springvale Fire Brigade to run through some joint fire-ground scenarios.

The first scenario was a reported dumpster fire that was spreading to adjoining grassland.

While the second was a structure fire with persons unaccounted for. While fire-fighters were performing a primary search there was also a fire-fighter down situation (for training purposes only).

The evening gave all members opportunity to practice a variety of skills including situational awareness, crew leadership, BA and

Keysborough CFA Drill
Keysborough CFA Drill

search operations, pump operation and basic firemanship skills, while receiving valuable feedback from both the career fire-fighters onshift and the volunteer officers present. With everyone taking away something valuable from the experience.

The evening was great for the Keysborough crew to work alongside the fantastic crew at Springvale whom we work alongside frequently at emergency incidents within the area.

Photos: Keysborough Fire Brigade

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