It’s not often we post about MVA’s – in fact, we’ve never actually done a post directly relating to one, but this was just too bizarre to pass up.

FRNSW 008 Liverpool were responded to reports of an MVA Persons Trapped and what they found on arrival was nothing short of mind-boggling. We spoke with the crew from 008 about the job, here’s what they had to say.

The rescue operation underway

“Upon arriving on the scene, well, we were in a bit of disbelief at what we saw. What we had was a single vehicle that had come to rest in the back of a light truck and a person was trapped. Still unaware of how it happened we began our scene assessment and extrication plan.

The first thing we wanted to do was make the area and the vehicles safe, so the wheels of the truck were chocked and we applied ratchet straps over the car and secured them to the body of the truck and trailer, essentially combining the two. We did this because of the position of the car and the potential for it to move while we were working and for the safety of the patient. “

“The plan was to do a side roof flap giving us better access to the patient and allow easier extrication. We used the gantry from Technical Rescue 8 which gave us a work platform suited for higher access vehicle rescues, then using the shears, cut the A-pillar and used the reciprocating saw to cut the windscreen.

A second cut was placed just in front of the B pillar and used the reciprocating saw to cut through the roof, allowing us to fold the roof down and access the patient.

We communicated with him and he advised that, aside from a bit of shoulder pain, he was ok and could get out of the vehicle with some assistance and he was then handed over to the ambulance. ”

FRNSW crews and Ambulance working together

It’s almost like one of those scenarios you think up for a tabletop training session, knowing that it would probably never happen.

Great job to the crews that attended – something a bit different for the day. Thanks to FRNSW 008 for the photos and info!

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