Photos: Firies rescue tiny sugar glider

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It’s always heart warming to see stories like these come out of devastation. Habana Rural Fire Brigade from QLD were out on patrol – checking to see if fire-fronts had jumped tracks around the Crediton State Forest area. Whilst working with another station, they came across several fallen trees over the trails that needed to be cut to let appliances through.

One of the firies was cutting up a dropped tree, when they saw a little critter poke it’s head up. Here’s what Maxine, one of the firies on the truck had to say.

“I took him into our truck and cleaned out a tiny lid from my makeup and gave him a drink. He has such a tiny mouth and was very thirsty indeed. He just drank and drank. We tried him with some fruit but he didn’t want it. We thought he might still be on his mum’s milk. He had long sleeps with us in the truck. Little sugar gliders usually sleep in the day :)”

The little guy was in the best hands – he was taken back to the fire station where he was met by Lesley, a wildlife carer. He is now in the hands of a carer who has another rescued sugar glider, and once healthy enough will both be released back around the same area. 

“He’s called Cocky – as he was found on Cockies Creek Road – and is doing very well indeed.”

“Our brigade has worked every day during the catastrophic fire event Nov/Dec 2018. Fires covered include cattle stations – west of Sarina, Carmila, Sarina and Campwin Beach, Conway Beach, Bloomsbury, Ilbilbie and several days in the Eungella/Mt Dalrymple/Crediton areas. We were all relieved to see the rain.”

A big shout out to all the local brigades in QLD who have been on the go for weeks on end. Hopefully, the rain will give you Christmas at home! 

Thanks to Maxine and Rosie for the photos and info!

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