Photos: FRNSW Technical Rescue 063

Technical Rescue Vehicle - Connor Lambert
Balloon Scene Lighting
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Take a look inside one of the recent additions to the Fire & Rescue NSW fleet – Technical Rescue 063. Based at Blacktown fire station, Technical Rescue 063 replaces the old “Heavy Rescue 063” and boast a whole lot more gear to go with it.

These new Technical Rescue Vehicles (TRV’s) bring new equipment to the field, along with equipment that was previously stored and accessed on demand. We took a look inside TRV063 and some of the new equipment available to firefighters.

Laser Movement Monitoring

Detects a 0.2-inch movement at a distance of 29 metres

A telescopic sight allows the operator to point the laser accurately at the targeted unstable structure.

Technical Rescue Vehicle - Connor Lambert

Multiple maximum movement thresholds (from 0.2” to 3.9”) can be selected. When a movement is sensed that exceeds the selected threshold, the sound alarm (98 dB) is triggered.

Continuously monitors detected movements and displays changes on its screen for real-time awareness.

2 lasers can be connected to the device to simultaneously monitor 2 sides of an unstable building for the safety of rescue teams working around or inside the structure.

Technical Rescue Vehicle - Connor Lambert

Scene Lighting

  • Air star 2 metre extendable lighting
  • Self-inflating lighting balloon
  • LED Lamps used inside, 60,000 lm on 1 kVa generator
  • Used in all weather for rescue incidents, scene lighting and command posts
  • Easily deployable and moveable

Holmatro Power Shores

  • Holmatro Hydraulic Power shores kit
  • Powerful Hydraulic Strut : 10 tons hydraulic lifting cylinder / weighs 9kg / 100 kN force
  • Used for vehicle extrication, trench rescues, USAR, industrial accidents
  • Versatile shoring angles and easily manoeuvrable

A big thanks to Connor Lambert for the photos above.

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