Photos: CFS East Torrens impressive new bulk water

East Torrens BW11 - CFS Promotions
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Norton Summit station from the CFS recently took delivery of their brand new bulk water, East Torrens BW11. Based on an Isuzu Giga cab chassis, the newest addition to Norton Summit will replace their previous appliance, BW13, which will be cascaded on to another station. The appliance although based at Norton Summit, belongs to the group of stations known as East Torrens – which is made up of 9 CFS brigades.

This new bulk water boasts an impressive hydraulic arm to lower a ‘portadam’ container from the side of the appliance, allowing firefighters to safely lower the dam and deploy it without having to drag it off the appliance. A back saving feature for sure!

Photos sent in by the CFS Promotions Unit.

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