Replacing a 25 year old pumper, Red Cliffs CFA station has taken delivery of a brand new Scania which brings with it a host of advancements for the station.

The new addition to the station now incorporates in-seat CABA sets, which the previous pumper wasn’t capable of.


“The BA in the rear seats allows us to be quicker in our initial attack. The new pumper also has a pump action combi tool by Weber, which makes it easier to gain entry to doors and cars when extinguishing. On top of that, it  also has a ground monitor fitted with a safety feature so if it becomes unstable it will automatically shuts its self down!”

Red Cliff’s latest appliance and the pumper it is replacing

“We’re not a rescue station, so the addition of the combi tool is intended to be used on things like car fires and popping bonnets.”

What a great addition to the station that also runs a 4.4C heavy tanker, 1.2.4D Light Tanker and a Nissan Navara NP300 FCV. 

Thanks for sending in the photos and info, Stay safe!

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