Photos: Amazing Canadian appliance wrapped for Remembrance Day

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We came across a photo of a Canadian pumper wrapped for Remembrance Day – and we had to find out more! Reaching out to the Brantford Fire Department all the way up there, we asked how this masterpiece came to be.

The idea came about through a conversation between our Head Mechanic Shawn Cavin and Chief Caskanette. Shawn secured pictures from our local museum, local armouries and various online sources.

Brantford Fire Department

We designed the “wrap” in house by creating a collage of photos from the materials Shawn had secured. The wrap was placed on a pumper from our Cities Main Hall. The process took a few weeks and our department was assisted by Street Seen Media who then sent the design to Bart Moskala who printed and worked with Shawn on placing the wrap on our truck.

Brantford Fire Department

What a stunning appliance and an amazing tribute to those who have served. The wrap is apparently staying on until at least the end of the year.

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