Photos: Aldinga Beach CFS receive new pumper

Aldinga Beach CFS Pumper
Aldinga Beach CFS Pumper
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Aldinga Beach CFS station took delivery of it’s brand new pumper, which replaces their previous Mitsubishi Canter rescue vehicle – and it’s a beast. 

The new pumper is the first of 3 new appliances built by the CFS, which shares the same same design as the new CFA medium pumper – just built on the Isuzu cab chassis. Aldinga Beach Pumper is the first one to make it out to a station and by all accounts, it’s fantastic.

Aldinga Beach CFS Station
Aldinga Beach CFS

Both the CFA and CFS worked together on the project, with the CFA sending crews out with the appliance to assist in the delivery of training for the new pumper.  

The appliance is stowed for both urban firefighting and road crash rescue, with the added benefit of crew burnover protection installed above the cabin. It has also been fitted out with the latest cordless holmatro greenline battery powered rescue equipment.

Both off and near side lockers feature a “dead reel”, which crews can rapidly deploy a length of hose and branch – which is then mechanically retractable using either a hand panel or foot control pedal. 

Lighting has been improved with scene lighting available all around the pumper, with an additional stem light mast and a remote controlled spotlight that has 360 degree manoeuvrability.

Speaking with the crew at the station, they are extremely happy with the appliance, with the added benefit of it increasing their fire coverage – as its predecessor was a dedicated rescue appliance. 

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