Photos: 3rd alarm after lighting strikes building, twice!

Titiangi VFB - 2nd Alarm 2017
Titirangi VFB - 2nd Alarm 2017
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Titirangi VFB across the ditch had an interesting working job recently when lighting struck the roof of the local War Memorial Hall… twice!

The damage was confined to the roof area and thanks to the work of the crews, didn’t spread into any of the structure or contents.

That being said, an art exhibition was being held at the time and required the incident to be upgraded to a third alarm as over 300 artworks had to be relocated by firefighters to avoid any damage.

Talking to the crews, they said it was a very difficult fire to track and extinguish as the fire didn’t burn entirely through the roof and required multiple thermal imaging cameras to locate and fully extinguish.

Grant Manning was on scene and able to get some photos of the crews at work.

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