Photos: 1000L of spilt cream causes HAZMAT in Peakhurst

HAZMAT Cream Mortdale 2017 - NSW Police
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These jobs are the ones dreams are made of. On the 14th of December 2017 as the day began to warm up to a nice balmy 36 degrees in Sydney, a Transit Van was driving on Boundary Road in Peakhurst NSW when it stopped for the lights on an uphill slope. As the driver took off, the pallet that had a single 1000L bag of cream sitting on it broke free and burst out the back doors of the van.

The cream, which was due to be turned into butter and contained over 40% fat, was considered to be a biological hazard and the incident deemed a HAZMAT – with extra resources being called in to assist. The cream was filled with such fatty and oily goodness that it damaged the road surface, requiring it to be resurfaced after the cleanup was completed – many hours later.

The road became so slippery that cars were unable to come to a stop at the lights before emergency services arrived and were seen literally sliding down the hill. Even the council street sweepers couldn’t get traction during the cleanup operations.

The smell would have been amazing. Appliances in attendance P034 Riverwood, P048 Mortdale, H13 Alexandria.

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