Photos: 1 House, 9 cars and a boat destroyed by fire

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On March 5th, 2019, multiple 000 calls were received to a grass fire in
Plunkett Road, Cedar Creek QLD. As appliances were responding, the incident was upgraded to a car fire, then subsequently a house fire. On arrival crews found a house and multiple vehicles fully involved, fanned by erratic and strong winds, with no owners in attendance.

With no mains water available, offensive options were limited and crews were forced to keep the fire from spreading to neighboring properties through defensive firefighting.

Several explosions occurred including a car which blew the roof 60m away. Shrapnel from the explosion landed 80m away and set grass alight on the other side of the road, bystanders stamped the fire out with their feet. Rural support was instrumental in maintaining water supply, they deployed 2 medium attacks along with a tanker. Great multi agency co-ordination.

Stations in attendance: Beenleigh, Logalea, Woodridge and Jimboomba, with support from Cedar Creek and the Southeast region water tanker.

Thanks to Paul for the photos and info.
Stay safe.

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