Overrun – Watch a wind change push fire onto crews in NSW

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As we move further into the fire season, more and more footage is finding its way online of just what firefighters have been up against in Australia. This footage from Dumore Rural Fire Brigade is almost unbelievable. They were staged on the side of the road for property protection with other appliances when the wind changed and the truck was overrun… in 3 minutes.

The video was filmed on the 4th of January at the Currowan fire, down in the Shoalhaven area of NSW. The brigade posted a timeline to go along with the video, which shows how quickly conditions can change.

  • 18:59.14 Crew has set up for property protection and receiving supplies from other units. You will notice there is no current wind in the area.
  • 18:59:24 Southerly wind begins to hit the area.
  • 19:00.05 Crew brace for property protection, which is out of view on the left side of our truck.
  • 19:00.10 Day turns to night.
  • 19:00.25 Ember attack commences.
  • 19:00.40 Southerly wind hits at 100kph.
  • 19:01.00 Extreme ember attack, spot fires and overrun hits our crew and truck.
  • 19:01.22 Crew member activates cab sprays to protect truck as fire spreads rapidly to the North.
  • 19:01:35 Crew continue to protect themselves, property and truck.
  • 19:02.14 Cab sprays turned off. Visibility is still poor with ember attack continuing to hit.
  • 19:02.40 Cab sprays activated again for protection.

That’s 3 minutes from supplying the truck, to actively defending it. Dunmore went on to say that they were able to protect the truck, the houses and no reported injuries or losses.

Great work! Stay safe!

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