On Scene: Dramatic technical rescue in Forster NSW

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An amazing rescue was undertaken in the northern parts of NSW on Tuesday the 7th of February, where an excavator rolled into an adjacent dam – trapping the occupant under the machine and beneath the water. We spoke with 295 Station Forster about the rescue!




On Tuesday the 7th of February, Rescue Tanker and Pumper 295 from Forster were responded to a rescue incident where a man was pinned beneath an excavator, which had rolled into a dam.

On arrival a man was found trapped under the machine and submerged in the water, with only his face being above the surface. We packed the arm of the machine with cribbing blocks to ensure it didn’t drop, then using the tirfor winch we stabilized the base of the machine to ensure it couldn’t slide further into the dam.

We also set up the double ram to stabilise the machine and possibly use it to lift. What we ended up doing was digging underneath the patient and lowering him down so we could slide him out from under the steel support that was trapping him. This was easier and safer than lifting the unstable machine. The RFS were also using a portable pump to empty the dam of water at the same time – this also helped achieve the good out come we had. The patient was flown to John Hunter hospital with only minor physical injuries.

Stations in attendance : FRNSW 295 Forster, Pacific Palms Rural Fire Brigade, FRNSW 453 Taree (who covered 295’s area), NSW Police and Ambulance and the Westpac helicopter.

FIGHT FOR LIFE: For two excruciating hours, a man was trapped in a dam pinned by a heavy excavator, with just his nose above water. #9News | http://Nine.com.au

Posted by 9 News Sydney on Tuesday, 7 February 2017

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