NZ Fire Service creates interactive VR house fire

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Is this the best way yet to demonstrate what conditions are actually like in a house fire? The New Zealand Fire Service has created a 360 degree facebook video to highlight just how fast fire conditions change in modern houses. In addition to the video, they have an interactive website which puts viewers in the house as the fire begins – then presents them with various options and choices as they try and escape.

The user is presented with questions like “Should you pick up the gaming console?” or “Should you get your car keys?” as they try and navigate their way out of the house. When we tried it, we even tried to exit the house through a cupboard! All the while the fire conditions worsen and you can see a temperature monitor at the top of the screen indicating the heat level at the ceiling.

You can watch the preview video below, but checkout the interactive version by going to to use your phone as to move around the house. If you have google cardboard, you can use that to navigate your way through without holding your phone.

Things are heating up!

Things are heating up!

Fire is deadly fast. How will you make it out? Escape My House is the gripping interactive experience that takes place inside a real house fire. Try it for yourself.

Posted by Fire and Emergency NZ on Tuesday, 21 March 2017

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