NSW RFS trail bikes used in land search

RFS Trail Bike
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In January 2017, brigades from the NSW Shoalhaven district were used in conjunction with multiple emergency services to conduct a land search for an elderly male, who was missing from a local nursing home.  RFS trail bike crews were made available to search bush land and became a vital tool in the search – being able to cover far greater distances than the parties on foot.

We spoke with a deputy captain from the area who after talking to the bike crew, identified that they were trained to preform a great many tasks – from rapid response to lightning strikes for dry fire fighting, RAFT operations, fire trail inspections, assessment of forward containment lines and to act as a visual deterrent in areas of suspected serial arson in bush land. The bikes could also be fitted with various pieces of equipment – including chainsaws and extinguishers. 

Here’s the photos he sent us.

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