NSW Firefighter to trek the 800km Camino de Santiago to raise funds

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As Australia continues to endure one of the worst disasters the country has ever seen, one Australian firefighter on the other side of the world is not going to let the distance stop him from lending a hand. Meet David Tricca, a firefighter for the NSW Rural Fire Service who is about to trek the ancient 800km Camino de Santiago to raise funds for his brigade back home.

I would like nothing more than to be on the fireground with my brothers and sisters in the RFS but unfortunately, I’m not in Australia at the moment. So to help in the only way I can right now I’ve decided to try and fundraise for my brigade (and hopefully others).

To do this I’ve decided to challenge myself and attempt to hike the Camino de Santiago, an 800km ancient trek from France, crossing the French Pyrenees and across all of Northern Spain. I estimate that it will take me approximately 36 days to complete in current winter conditions. I am planning to start the hike at the end of January or early Feburary.

Not only is that an amazing journey and a huge distance, but he’s also ordered a bunch of RFS gear and having it sent over to wear as he makes his way along the trek to raise awareness.

I’m asking people to donate to the Mount Hunter brigade via the official RFS donation page where they can donate directly to Mount Hunter Rural Fire Brigade or alternatively their local brigade.

David at Mt Hunter station

We’ve seen no shortage of donation options available, but this one is pretty unique and a lot of hard work comes with it. Good on you, Firefighter Tricca! Camino de Santiago looks as beautiful as it is difficult!

If Russel Crowe can get donations for a sweaty old hat, David walking 800km should get a few coins in the tin!

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