Nate Dog re-united with owners after wild storms

Nate, the frightened pooch
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Nate, the frightened pooch

On Saturday the 18th of February at around 15:00 hours – Sydney and the surrounding areas were hammered by a large hail storm, resulting in much devastation. At the time of the storm, the crew at FRNSW 474 Unanderra were on station completing station and equipment checks in preparation for what could be a long night. Just as the storm was at its peak, a dog was seen running through the football field opposite the fire station, when it turned and headed straight for shelter in the engine bay of 474.

The crew took him in, dried him off and warmed him up with an old blanket – just as they were dispatched to a house fire. Typical! Having left the dog secured in the station, the crew returned from the job and posted his picture on the station’s facebook page. As they were organising a roster to look after him until the owner was found, or they could get someone to scan him, they were turned out to a reported building fire. When it rains, it pours.

Returning once again, they noticed a local resident had seen the post and sent a message to the station stating she had a microchip scanner – but the chip was damaged and no information could be obtained from it. Later that day, the owner saw the post and arranged to pick up ‘Nate’ – safe and well.

Nice job, 474!


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