Mount Barker’s Urban Pumper is fantastic

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Say hello to Mount Barker‘s Urban Pumper, the Isuzu FTS 4×4 chassis is the first of its kind and has been specially designed to provide firefighting, rescue and HAZMAT capabilities both on and off-road.

Dimensions and capabilities

Height: 3.4 metres
Width: 2.92 – 3 metres
Length: 7.9 metres
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Water Capacity: 1400 litres
Foam: Class A – 80 litres
Foam: Class B 200 litres
Pump Capacity: 1,800lpm
Pump Features:
– Automatic bypass valve to prevent overheating
– 2x 32mm 60m hose reels with electronic retraction
– 3x deliveries
– 3x collectors
– 100mm suction inlet
– Nearside mounted pump panel, between the cab and first locker
2x mast extension lights
5x scene lights
7x underbody perimeter lights
LED locker strip lights
Appliance Awning: Manually deployable from the side of the appliance.
Portable rescue pump, able to be started whilst on the appliance or taken off to be moved around.
2x 30m hydraulic lines (both electronically retractable)
2x 10m hydraulic extension lines to be used for extra length, or for when the pump is disconnected and removed from the appliance

Lights and Sirens

The control head for the Hazard Systems MR-3

1 Dot – Off. This button stops all warning devices on the appliance.
2 Dots – Park Mode. This activates all warning lights, except the alternating headlights. Pushing this will also stop the siren and flashing headlights. Pushing it again will turn off all strobes and leave only the roof beacons working.
3 Dots – Respond. Pushing the big red fun button will activate all warning systems – lights, sirens and alternating headlights. Pushing it again will switch between wail and yelp.

The appliance comes fitted with two light masts, one on each side packing a 14,000 lumen LED Akron Scene Star. They are activated by buttons located on the pump panel and will also illuminate a warning light in the cabin to let the driver know they are up.


This is an area that Mount Barker’s Urban Pumper really shines. The rescue locker is configured to extend a drawer that contains the pump, tools and hydraulic lines giving operators the ability to start the pump in place and deploy a tool straight from the locker. Both the lines are mechanically retractable by a button shown behind the grip in the photo below.

Should the incident require the pump to be moved, it can be disconnected from the reels and moved off the appliance. Utilising the 10m extension lines, firefighters can work remotely.

Cabin and protection

The cabin features roll-down radiant heat protection shields, burn over blankets for all crew members as well as Drager’s Oxy 3000 series of personal breathing devices, which are to be used in burn overs and provide 30 minutes of clean air to the user. The Drager Oxys are an interesting piece of gear, check out the photos below of their donning procedure.

The Drager Oxy 3000

The urban pumper has been officially handed over to the brigade and it replaced an older urban tanker. From all reports, this latest addition is a dream come true and great to work off.

What a great appliance.
Thanks to the crew over at Mount Barker for the photos, video and information. Enjoy your new appliance and stay safe!
Bonus photos below of the crew at a training exercise with their new pride and joy.

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