As people ran, jumped, swung and crashed their way through the Australian Ninja Warrior course this season, there were competitors from within the Australian firefighting ranks. Meet Cameron Simpson, Firefighter at 085 Chester Hill with Fire & Rescue NSW, who competed last night and made his way through to the semi finals!


What spurred you on to apply and compete in Ninja Warrior?

Cameron Simpson Ninja Warrior

What spurred me on to apply for Australian Ninja Warrior was actually years of watching Ninja Warrior, right back to the American seasons through to Season 1 of our own Australian Ninja Warrior. I’m always up for a challenge and after watching every season of the show I realised it’d be a great challenge for me!



What was the application process like

The application process was fairly lengthy, firstly making an application video showing some of your skills, a bit about who you are and why you wanted to be apart of Australian Ninja Warrior. The next step was punishing, a brutal fitness test. A 40 minute challenge consisting of planking, burpees, chin ups, dead hangs, shuttle runs and agility testing, it was tough – it left even the fittest people there gasping for air!


How long have you been training and run us through what your preparation was

Cameron Simpson Ninja Warrior
Cameron Simpson Ninja Warrior

Fortunately being a firefighter I undertake this type of training daily. I do a lot of body weight exercises like chin ups etc, which really helped with grip strength, also using things like monkey bars really helped me with preparation for the course. One thing I’ll definitely be working on is balance activities!


How was it on the night competing in front of a crowd and the cameras

It was a very big day of filming backstories, social media photos, other types of interviews. Then just before the first group took to the course everyone was able to see the obstacles involved. It was back to the green room for everyone and we all had to wait for our run. It was difficult not being able to see how everyone went and the way they attacked the obstacles, it wasn’t until very early hours of the next morning that my heat was run. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and all the inspiration from the amazing fellow Ninjas!

Good luck in the semi finals, Cam!

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