Legend makes nearly 300 free coffee’s for firies

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Now this is Australian Spirit! Carl Salem faced losing his house a number of years ago in a bushfire, until the NSW Rural Fire Service came to his aid and saved it.

When the fires kicked off in Port Stephens in August 2018, Karl grabbed his mobile coffee van, phoned the local fire control center and organised to be escorted into the staging area. When he got there, he pumped out over 295 free coffees for all the firies as a thank you for their efforts.

Free coffee for the firies!

We spoke with Karl and whilst he was adamant he didn’t want promotion, we feel he deserves a thanks and two thumbs up! When we asked him about his efforts, he said “it was just something I could do, just like the 400 firies at Tanilba are doing right now and so many more across the state”.

Carl, what a champion!

You can check out Carl’s website here and like his facebook page here!

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I founded Flashover to promote Australian Firefighting. I've been a volunteer and a paid firefighter but now I spend my time chasing up leads, promoting good mental health and making the occasional Grumpy Firecom comic!

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