Latrobe Fire Station’s Custom Cleveland Lay Setup

Cleveland Bags - Michael Clarke
Cleveland Bags - Michael Clarke
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As the Cleveland load becomes more popular in Australia, fire stations around the country are adopting it in different shapes and sizes. Latrobe Fire Station in Tasmania got in touch with us to show off their great setup on one of their appliances. They are running dual Cleveland lays on their appliance, with custom made shoulder straps they designed and made. In addition to those custom straps, they had custom bags done up to use for structural firefighting.

On our urban appliance, we have a flaked tray each side with two flaked lengths of duraline and a Cleveland load on top, with its own protek branch. Same setup nearside and offside. Seems to work well for us.

The Cleveland lays are held together with big velcro straps from Bunnings, with shoulder straps off tool bags from Supercheap Auto. It’s cheap but effective. It’s our design and we had a local upholstery place make them up. It cost about half the price of anything commercially available and it’s twice as strong – double bottom, triple stitched, oversized buckles etc.
In addition to this, we also have our custom made high rise kit or hotel pack as they are sometimes called. In these, we carry two Cleveland loads with a protek branch, hose keys, a siamese valve, stortz to thread adapter with reducer, door wedges, firefighters axe and a small pipe wrench. We take this to all alarm calls and deploy it at large structure fires where extra length is warranted or where it’s not applicable to drag heaps of flaked hose.
Thanks to Michael from Latrobe Fire Station for all the great photos and information. What a great setup! If you’re not familiar with the Cleveland Load, check out our guide on what it is and how to use it.

You can check out Latrobe’s facbeook page here, and a video of them using their deployed Cleveland Lay’s at a training exercise below. Thanks for the content guys and stay safe!

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