Kiwis get blocked by snow, throw rescue gear in back of ute!

Tapanui VFB Rescue Snow
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We spoke with one of the officers from Tapanui Volunteer Fire Brigade about a couple of interesting photos we came across on social media.

The call was to a car roll over. Due to our location and the hills we have to climb to get there we knew right away the truck was not going to make it, so another PRT ( pump rescue tender) was turned out from the other side of the MVA as well. It helps that most of the members here have 4×4’s so it was a case of load on gear that we need , take a radio and cell phone in each 4×4 and lets go.

Tapanui VFB

We were turned back as we were no longer needed and the persons were out of the car and safe. We have chains that we can fit to the Fire truck if needed and if the snow was deeper and going to hang around or get worse, we would have them fitted them as they are easy enough to take off in a hurry. 

Tapanui VFB Rescue gear in the Snow

Also, one of the crew turned up in thongs…. THONGS!

The breed em tough across the ditch...

The breed em tough across the ditch…

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