Joint agency response for fire in the ACT

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ACT Fire & Rescue and Fire & Rescue NSW (AKA Fire + Rescue?) recently responded to reports of a fire inside a waste recycling plant in the ACT. Speaking with the crew from 428 Queanbeyan, they had this to say.
It was several cars alight in an outdoors recycling plant fire in the ACT suburb of Beard. ACT Fire and Rescue had two pumpers, two CAFS tankers and a commander attend and were assisted by Rescue Pumper 428 from FRNSW. A large excavator was used to pull apart the pile of recycling materials while ACT and NSW fire crews applied foam to extinguish the fire.
They also flicked us this extra photo – “The photo below of the two pumpers together was the crews just running in to each other getting supplies in Fyshwick!”
ACT & FRNSW in Fyshwick

Grabbing “supplies” in Fyshwick.

There may not be that many photos on hand, but what it does show is great comradery between the two services as they work side by side. Photos from 428 Queanbeyan.

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