This has got to be the best appliance ‘reveal’ we’ve seen yet. We spoke to the man behind this awesome video and asked him all about how it came to be. Check it out!

First off, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name’s James, i’m part of Galston Rural Fire Brigade, part of the NSW RFS. I’ve been part of the brigade a few months short of 2 years now!

How did you set this video up and who did you rope into helping you out?

We had our new pumper delivered last Saturday. It had been a long time coming, we had been doing training on it on Saturday to come up to speed. The truck had been sitting in a yard for some time before it got delivered to us, so had a bit of the usual ‘Australian Outdoors’ kind of muck over it. A few of the guys organised to meet up on the Sunday to give the truck a bit of a wash down. I rocked up to the station later on the Sunday (after all the hard work had been done!) with a couple of cameras, basically on a whim and decided to get a few nice shots while it was nice and shiny. I knew I wanted to put something together, but didn’t really have anything in mind. The guys that were there (Dave, Jake and Tomlin) had no idea I was coming, but were very eager to help me out with moving trucks, operating lighting etc.

What equipment did you use to shoot the video?

Galston Pumper – NSW RFS

There was actually not a whole lot of gear used on the day. I used a Canon XC10 for the wider shots and the moving shots, and then a Canon 600D with a 50mm f1.8 lens to get the close up really nice focusing shots. I generally do more run and gun-style documentary videos, so it was nice to get the lens out and take some time to get some really pretty shots for a change! The whole video got edited inside of Adobe Premiere

How long did it take all up to make it? (Including set up time, shooting, editing, etc.)

All in all it probably took me around 7 hours to put together. I was up at the station for around 2 hours on the Sunday, then editing late into the night on Sunday and Monday to get it done. I probably shouldn’t have stayed up so late on Sunday considering I had work the next day, but I was on a roll and didn’t want to miss the hype around the new truck!

Do you make videos for a living or is this just a hobbie?

Galston Pumper – NSW RFS

Creating videos at the moment is a bit of a side-project/hobby for me. My background is in video production, but I currently work as a project manager in the IT/data space. I like getting behind a camera, and I get a bit of video work on the side filming events and the like on weekends. It was nice doing something “just for fun” for a change 🙂

Have you made any other fire related ones?

This is actually the first RFS related video i’ve ever made! I’ve had plenty of ideas over the past year, and working with all the different gear and the amazing people in the brigade means there’s plenty of stories to tell and things to show. I’ve got my work cut out for me at the brigade now though, once everyone saw the video they all came to me with more ideas of things they want to do and show. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more videos for the RFS, it really is such an amazing organisation!

Ladder 49, Chicago Fire, Backdraft or Rescue Me? Go!

Chicago Fire 100%!!!!


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, James and keep up the great work!

Photos: Galston RFB Facebook.

Galston RFB's new Category 10 Pumper

Introducing Galston RFB's new Category 10 Pumper…Video created by our very talented James Madry

Posted by Galston Rural Fire Brigade on Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Galston Pumper – NSW RFS
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