Training is ramping up all over Australia for the Sydney MND climb and we came across photos of one particular firie who has taken her training to the next level – and she’s not even in the country!

Meet Hannah Marie, a firie from across the ditch in New Zealand who has been crushing the slopes, on foot, in preparation of the upcoming climb. Not only is her training out of the box, she is flying over from NZ just to partake in the event! We just had to know more.

Hannah Marie, The NZ Firie training hard for the MND Climb

Meet Hannah Marie – a NZ Firefighter who is training for the Firefighters Climb for Motor Neurone Disease! You can read out interview with Hannah here :

Posted by Flashover – Australian Firefighting on Wednesday, 3 October 2018

I’m 31 years old and I’m originally from the UK. I’m a teacher by trade and I moved to NZ in March 2016. It was in the following September that I became a Recruit Firefighter. I began my journey at the Mount Maunganui Brigade but I transferred to the Katikati Volunteer Brigade in March of this year. As a volunteer station only I’ve gained some valuable hands on experience since being here.

I have taken part in the Firefighters Climb at Auckland Sky Tower twice now and recently also took part in the 9/11 Memorial Climb there too. A spontaneous last minute decision but I climbed the tower twice, one after the other. Up to the 60th floor each time.

I keep coming back to the climbs because it’s not only a challenge for myself it’s an incredible way to support a cause. When you see hundreds of firefighters in one place you turns heads and people want to know what’s going on. What a great way to get a message out there.

Like a postcard with a whole lot of leg pain!

My day at Whakapapa Ski field yesterday was absolutely amazing. I have been going to the mountain all season to snowboard and I thought what a great way to put 2 things I love together. A friend of mine; Simon O’Neil who is a member of the National Park Volunteer Brigade was the person who helped make this climb happen by making contact with various people within Ruapehu Alpine Lifts. RAL were very accommodating.

This was not only great training for me because it was quite a challenge walking in snow but it is something so outrageous it’s got people talking and that’s the impact I wanted to make. Fundraising is only half the work, talking about causes and making people more aware of issues is just as important.

Today, the day after the climb up the mountain I’m ready for another challenge. A rest day would probably be a good idea but I’m not very good at those. I don’t sit still for long. 😂 The forecast is looking pretty good for the next few days so I will probably get out and do some bush walks.

What an amazing and inspiring way to train for this event. You can donate to Hannah using the button below.

At the time of posting this, Hannah has raised $44. For someone who is flying over to the country to take part in the climb at her own expense, let’s see if we can’t ramp up that $44 a little bit! 

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