Interview : First female motor drivers for FRNSW 405

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Response driving, hose lays and getting the pump to work has now been officially ticked off for Hayley and Rebecca, the first ever female firefighters from 405 Station Nowra to earn their motor-drivers badge. We had a chat to the ladies to see what it was like to be in the history books for 405 Station, Nowra.



Flashover – Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, how long have you been with FRNSW and what gave you the idea to join up?

Rebecca – I joined FRNSW in April 2016 so 9 months, I wanted to serve the community in a positive way and have the satisfaction of my dream job.

Hayley – I have been with FRNSW for almost 9 months now. My father has been a firefighter for the past 35 years now so the decision to join was an easy one. I have always admired what he does and I hope to be half the firefighter he is someday.


Flashover – First of all, what did you enjoy about the course?

Hayley – I enjoyed how hands on the course was and learning all about the pump operators job, different techniques and ways of doing certain things and how everything works on the appliance.

Rebecca – I enjoyed the experience of hands on training with appliances and learning how pumps operate.

Flashover – What did you find the most challenging?

Rebecca – Troubleshooting the possible problems that can occur on any job.

Hayley – I didn’t find anything too changeling to be honest, I feel that it’s something you get better at and used to over time and practice.


Flashover – How does it feel to be the first female firies in 405’s history to complete the appliance training and pump course?

Rebecca – Wow! I feel very proud and honoured to achieve this, feels great!

Hayley – It’s a really great feeling being the first females to be Motor Driver for 405 Nowra, especially for myself as I have grown up in this environment and to make this stations history.

Flashover – Did that add any kind of pressure going into the course?

Rebecca – No, as my main focus was to accomplish a good result.

Hayley – I didn’t feel any pressure what so ever, I had known that this was the case before I had applied for the pump operator’s course. It was just something that came naturally and I had confidence that we would pass and get through it. We were very fortunate to get onto the course as we are only still so new and usually it takes most people a few years in the organisation to get onto the course so we considered ourselves very lucky.


Flashover – Any guesses on what your first job is going to be with you in the driver’s seat?

Hayley – No idea what kind of job I’ll get when that day comes. I am quite happy to be safe and learn more about driving the appliance under operational conditions first and practicing driving our appliance back from jobs for the time being.

Rebecca – First job could be anything, part of being prepared and professional is being ready for all the situations that can arise before, during and after the jobs. Maybe an AFA just at a guess?


FlashoverThank you ladies, best of luck in your career’s and stay safe!

Photos : FRNSW Nowra 405 Facebook

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