We took 5 and spoke with Adam Kamenek, the man behind that great Christmas video where he lights up an entire station’s appliances in time with a banging Christmas tune. It’s great to see stations going to this level of effort to put something fun together. Check out the video and interview below.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! 🚒🚨🚒🎄😬Edit: We've posted a much better encore, go checkout our page to see! 😎#WeAreFireFightersNotFilmMakers #ButWeTried #SmileItsFriday #ChristmasLights #ThanksCoreyAndJimmyForTheHelp #MerryChristmas 🙂

Posted by The Basin Fire Brigade (CFA) on Thursday, 15 December 2016

Flashover : Adam, first of all – Fantastic video! How long have you been with the CFA?
Adam : Thanks. I’ve been a fairly active and somewhat passionate volunteer in CFA for just on 5 years, the whole time at The Basin brigade. I’m also very lucky to also work for CFA District 13 in Community Education, I’m one of those lucky people who’s job is their passion, is fun and not really a job.. Plus I get to work with some of the most amazing and passionate people everyday. 🙂


We thought it might get a few likes but nothing like this. It’s gone way beyond our expectations

Flashover : It looks like your video has gotten a pretty good reception on facebook. Nearly 50,000 views and over 1,200 shares (at the time of the interview, it’s well over 200k now!) – did you think it would be that popular so quickly?
Adam : Simply no. We thought it might get a few likes but nothing like this. It’s gone way beyond our expectations. We also can’t take credit for the video idea, a few “Fire Departments” in the US have made some videos like this. One was sent to me and I was like, yep that looks great, let’s do it. Our Captain and Officers were straight on board too so it just we arranged a night and filmed.

Flashover : What equipment did you use to make the video?
Adam : Just 3 people including me, our fire trucks, a decent video camera on a sturdy tripod, a laptop and Sony Vegas software to edit.

Flashover : What about the process you used to cut it together?
Adam : The process is hard to explain but we filmed all the sequences as one big film. Nobody was in the trucks, we simply filmed it and edited to suit the music. While we have fooled some folks into thinking we sat there and practiced this, we have tried not to spoil the Christmas mystery of how we really did it..

Flashover : How long did that take all up – to shoot, cut, then to final copy?
Adam : Filming was pretty short, just over a hour or so and that includes getting the trucks into place and setting the camera up. Editing took about 5 or 6 hours to make it look even remotely right. It was frustrating at times because I don’t have a musical bone in my body but I am pretty chuffed that I stuck with it and the end result. It’s certainly proving popular and we hope it’s putting some smiles on faces because that what it was all about.

Flashover : Have you made any other videos like this?
Adam : I tend to take more photos than make videos but that said we like to mix things up a little at The Basin CFA and we are already planning to out do this video next year and maybe make some others. We have some cool ideas so stay tuned! lol

Flashover : Thanks very much for your time. Stay safe and keep making videos!

Photo Source : The Basin CFA Facebook and Adam Kamenek

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