Intense fireground audio from Forster fire

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There has been some incredible fire activity of late, particularly in the north of NSW. Firefighter Dispatch was able to capture the audio of crews working in Forster as they pass intense fireground messages with entire streets on fire and significant assets at risk.

“We have multiple houses under threat… we need units now, we need them now. We have fire everywhere…. give me everything you’ve got!”

Watch the video above to see how fire conditions escalate as it moves towards structures. In the final seconds of the video, you can see a fire appliance driving up that road into what would have been a pretty terrifying scene.

Find more information on the fire here.

The fast-moving fire burnt out 51 HA in a heavily populated area which left people stranded in their cars as the fire rapidly jumped from street to street.

“Just get me everything you’ve got as soon as you can because we are up shit creek right now”.

“I’m on location there, we need more than that. We’ve got breeze parade on fire, southern parkway on fire, boundary street which is also going to impact on baptist care where multiple aged care facilities are, we’ve got no units in there whatsoever”.

Hats off to the crews who worked on that job, including the IMT and comms operators – it seemed like you had your work cut out for you from the get-go.

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