Historic moment for Tasmania and all-female career crew

All female crew for Hobart
All female crew for Hobart
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It was a historic moment for the Tasmania Fire Service as the first all-female career firefighting crew responded out of Hobart Fire Station. The four firefighters aren’t normally on the same shift at the same location, but in this case, the stars aligned and brought the four women together.

The crew was lead by 18-year veteran A/SO Alison Wigston who was supported by SFF Lynette Gay, FF Meghan Lownds and FF Sophie Ciszek who just graduated from the Cambridge Training Complex.

“We didn’t set it up, we were just lucky enough to have an all-girls crew today, which is the first time in my 18 years and the Tasmania Fire Service”.

Acting Station Officer Alison Wingston
All smiles from the crew!

Speaking with media, A/SO Wingston was all smiles and was happy to be leading to the crew and hoped it would inspire others to think about firefighting as a career.

“It’s a really good occupation, it’s hands-on, you’re able to help the community – I’ve really enjoyed it for 18 years. Other people are starting to think, maybe that would suit me.

We’re just letting them know that this is something that they can achieve and there’s really good opportunies for the future for women as well as men in our fire service.”

It was just as special for Firefighter Sophie Ciszek, who turned up to work for her first shift and was able to be part of a historic moment for the Tassie Fire Service.

“This morning was my first call having come off a 15 week recruit course, so today was my first day. It’s Really exciting, really good to be on shift. It’s been an intense 15 weeks!”

Firefighter Sophie Cizek

A/SO Wingston also encouraged people to join up with their local volunteer brigades if they lived near one. You can find out more information on joining the Tassie firies right here.

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