Help a QLD firefighter family in need

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When you tell people that you are a firefighter, be it paid or volunteer, there is one thing that is almost difficult to explain. The “Brotherhood” – a bond that transcends gender, ethnicity, service and country. Being supported by your fellow firefighters through tough times is part of what makes “the job” so great.

Earlier this month, Ricky Ward who is an Auxiliary firefighter in Queensland and stationed at Port Douglas, was injured (off the clock) and airlifted to Cairns for multiple surgeries. His injuries have left him unable to work his primary job as well as turnout for the fire station. On top of that, Ricky’s wife who is also an Auxiliary firefighter is off work on maternity leave, looking after their two young children.


Ricky and wife Danielle

Ricky and wife Danielle

With both of them off work and Ricky still awaiting multiple surgeries – they are doing it tough. The crew at the station have set up a go fund me page to try and lend a helping hand and take a bit of the pressure off.

If you can spare a few dollars to support a firefighting family in need, you can donate here.


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