Hand-painted Helmet under the hammer for fallen firefighter

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The 2019/2020 fire season has tragically seen firefighters killed in the line of duty – one of them being NSW RFS Firefighter Sam McPaul. Artist Tony Tora has crafted this beautiful helmet in an effort to raise funds for Sam’s widow and unborn child.

It’s painted on a decommissioned bushfire helmet. The helmet was cleaned of stickers and lightly sanded then primed. It’s painted with a mix of aerosol paint, paint pens and acrylic paints. There is a firefighter with angel wings in the bush as well, a small symbol of remembrance.

Artist Tony Tora

I will get people to bid on the photos I post, an opening bid of $400 has been received prior to finishing.

So, there’s an opening bid of $400 for this helmet, which would not only look great on display in a house or in a station, but 100% of all money raised is going directly to the family of fallen Firefighter Sam McPaul.

** UPDATE: As of the 23rd of January, the bid is currently sitting at $2,500. Great work, all. Can we go higher?!

To bid on the helmet, simply comment on the photos being posted here on Tony’s facebook page he has set up.

Well done to all. Stay safe. As a plug, Tony also owns Ink Vibe Studio at Wyoming.

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