Grumpy Firecom #1: Firefighter Down

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Grumpy Firecom is a comic produced at Flashover … from time to time. It all started in 2018 as a laugh on social media but has since grown a bit of a following, so we thought we might move it over to the website. It’s important to sometimes step back and have a look at the lighter side of life, which is what Grumpy Firecom hopes to achieve.

This was the first issue we created way back when – you can see the title of the comic was “Firefighter and Firecom” before it was renamed to just Grumpy Firecom sometime later. It’s a bit rough around the edges, a bit basic, but it does the job.

Over the new few weeks, we’re going to bring over some of the original comics and create a bit of a section for them on the site. Enjoy!

#1 – Firefighter Down.

“Firefighter down! Firefighter down! *muffled noise*
Not responsive, Require ambos urgently!”

We’ve since created plenty more and some are available in the store. You can buy them as stickers, posters, mugs, shirts, pillows – you name it.

Thanks for reading!

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I founded Flashover to promote Australian Firefighting. I've been a volunteer and a paid firefighter but now I spend my time chasing up leads, promoting good mental health and making the occasional Grumpy Firecom comic!

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