FLIR run & SkyCrane footage from NSW RFS

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As the fire in Patonga NSW continues, Firebird 255 has completed a FLIR run showing it’s progress. “The fire is burning between Patonga and Umina Beach. While there’s no immediate threat to homes, a southerly change is due later and may push the fire towards Umina Beach.”

Patonga Bush Fire

Aircraft, including the Aircrane, are supporting firefighters at two bush fires burning near Patonga on the Central Coast. Here you can see the Aircrane using its 'sea snorkel' to load up, before dropping the water on the fire. The fire is burning to the west of Pearl Beach. Residents in the area should monitor conditions. If you plan to leave, leave now. Stay up to date on the bush fire situation at

Posted by NSW Rural Fire Service on Tuesday, 13 December 2016



Source : NSW Rural Fire Service.

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