Flashovers Top Picks For Firefighter Torches

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Are you looking for a new firefighting torch? We’ve done the hard work for you, check out Flashover’s Top Picks for Firefighter Torches as recommended by Australian Firefighters!

Our Top Pick For Right Angled Torch

Streamlight Survivor

By far and away the Streamlight Survivor was the torch most recommended by firefighters we surveyed. It’s also the torch that many of the crew here at Flashover use. Not only does it have a super bright 175 lumen beam but also has 3 other light modes, including low light and beacon.

It’s super slim, easily fitting in a turnout coat pocket, or clipping onto your jacket with its large sturdy clip on the back. It’s waterproof, intrinsically safe, has a large on/off button up top that’s super easy to press even with gloves on and is solid enough to withstand hard knocks. What more could you ask for!

Our Top Pick For Helmet Mounted Torch

Streamlight Vantage 180

This versatile torch has a heap going for it that made it stand out. It’s most popular feature is its movable multi-directional head which allows the beam to be directed up or down, stopping you from blinding others and making it easier to see what you’re working on, especially if you’re on your hands and knees doing searches or working through the bush at night.

It can also be easily removed from the included mounting bracket and used as a handheld torch or mounted to a turnout coat as a right-angled torch. The Vantage 180 has a high and low beam mode controlled by an easy to access and use button, plus a bright rear facing blue light that changes to a bright white floodlight in right angle mode, meaning you’re easy to follow in a smoke filled structure or have a clear view of what’s on the ground when the torch is mounted to a jacket or held in a hand.

Our Top Pick For Handheld Torch

Olight M2R Warrior

Hands down the best handheld torch we have ever come across! This torch has so many awesome features that no other torch we reviewed even came close. It has a massive 1500 lumen beam that turns night into day, plus another 5 brightness settings right down to 1-lumen moonlight. Throw into the mix a super bright strobe setting that is great for getting attention at night or signalling helicopters during the day if your office is remote firefighting.

The M2R comes with a 3500mah battery that can be recharged in the torch via the included magnetic charging cable. It can also be run off regular AA batteries if your rechargeable’s go flat. The M2R has a removable 2-way reversible clip, 2 switch operation including continuous on, momentary on and lockout modes so you don’t accidentally run your batteries flat and its size is perfect for slipping into a pants pocket or into the induced belt pouch. There’s just not enough good stuff we can say about the M2R Warrior.

Have you got experience with these Firefighting Torches? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line on our facebook page.

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