Flashovers Top Picks For Firefighter Eye Protection

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Are you looking for new firefighter eye protection? We’ve done the hard work for you, check out Flashover’s Top Picks for Firefighter Eye Protection as recommended by Australian Firefighters!

Our Top Pick For Goggles

Top Pick

ESS Striketeam SJ Goggle

The ESS Striketeam range of goggles are head and shoulders above all others we tried when it comes to comfort, due to their slim and contoured shape. They provide near total protection from particles and prevent almost all smoke from getting into your eyes.

The straps can easily be removed from the goggles so they’re easy to adjust but won’t fall down or come loose during wear. The Striketeam WF Goggle is the economy version in the range, however, we recommend spending a couple of dollars more to grab the Striketeam SJ Goggles for the extra comfort of the foam padding & the inclusion of 2 tear off lens covers.

ESS also has a huge range of interchangeable colored lenses and straps that can be purchased separately. It’s no surprise that these goggles are the most widely used firefighting goggle worldwide (and by our team here at Flashover too đŸ™‚ ).

Our Top Pick For Safety Glasses

Top Pick

Bolle Tracker Safety Specs

We choose the Bolle Trackers as our number 1 pick because not only do they come with all the basics you’d expect from a pair of safety glasses. They feature a removable soft EVA gasket on the inside that forms a seal around your eyes to keep out smoke and dust (making them ideal for bush and wildfires when you don’t want or need to wear goggles).

The lenses come in 3 colours (clear, tinted and yellow), they come with a bag and removable strap, they look stylish (well as stylish as safety glasses can be) and they’re comfortable. They are also relatively inexpensive, making them a valid alternative to more expensive goggles.

Runner Up

Fuglies PC21 Slabs

Now if you’re more into the looks side of eyewear then you’ll want to check out the range from Fuglies eyewear. Despite their name Fuglies make some pretty stylish looking safety specs that meet Australian & international safety standard for eye protection.

The PC21 Slabs are very comfortable while at the same time forming a good seal with their foam gasket that keeps out most dust and smoke. Priced similar to the Bolles the Slabs don’t come with a neck strap but if that doesn’t bother you and looks are more your thing then the Fuglies might be the right safety specs for you.

Eye Protection Accessories

ESS Goggle Speed Sleeve

Tired of not being able to see through all the scratches in your goggle lenses or sick of having to replace them all the time? Then perhaps the ESS Speed Sleeve is what you need. The Speed Sleeve is an elasticised cover that slips over your goggles when not in use, to protect your eyewear from scratches.

These are great if you keep your goggles on your helmet and are worried about them getting scratched when your helmet is rolling around or if you prefer to keep your goggles loose in a pocket or gear bag.

Have you got experience with these Firefighting Torches? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line on our facebook page.

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