Are you looking for something to do at your next training session? Here’s our “Fast 4” of training ideas. Ranging from hose deployment methods to reading fire conditions, there’s enough here to take care of your next drill session!

1 – The heavy hose

This has been a popular “hose hack” that has been doing rounds for a while now, it’s simple, easy to set up and increases your effectiveness on the job. Grab a pocket line, a rescue sling or any form of strap and give it a try. Check out this video below from FRNSW 073 outlining how to use a pocket line to knock up your own hose shoulder sling.


2 – The Cleveland Lay

Grab two lengths of hose and give this a shot in the engine bay or driveway. The benefits of the cleveland lay include confined space deployment, it’s fast and tangle free and it works great in places like stair wells or in the bushland.

You can also see how a NSW RFS pumper uses this particular lay in their rear hose trays. Click the photo below to have a look see.

Galston Pumper – NSW RFS

3 – The Water Source

A great team building exercise which takes a little time to perfect, but the advantages are huge if you’re working in the middle of nowhere and need a fillable water source. There’s a couple of ways to get this done, here’s one way Tamworth RFB from NSW did it. Give it a shot out the back of your station or in an open area.

Tamworth City NSW RFS – Robert Day – Challenge 2.jpg
Tamworth RFB 65mm Drill


4 – Talk tactics

Every now and then comes a time where you need to take a break from the practical and delve into the theoretical. Here’s a fantastic video breakdown on fire behaviour and how to read the conditions in front of you. Click the photo below to see a great post by the Secret Firefighter.


If you give any of these a try, we’d love to see it. Take a couple of photos or video and drop us a line on facebook. Don’t forget to subscribe to our new notification system by clicking the red bell in the bottom right corner! (Android phones, Chrome, Firefox and Mac OSX only)

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