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There is no denying that as technology advances, our training techniques will (or should) progress with it. Deakin University has launched a new start-up business to share the power of its virtual reality firefighting simulator, the FLAIM TrainerTM.

FLAIM Systems a Geelong-based start-up aimed at commercialising the ground-breaking research from Deakin’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI).

Flaim Trainer
Flaim Trainer

The man at the helm, Associate Professor James Mullins, said the launch was an important step in translating Deakin University research into real-world products with life-saving applications.

“Beginning with the FLAIM TrainerTM, FLAIM Systems will look to apply Deakin University research in delivering solutions for emergency services and first responders around the world,” Associate Professor Mullins said.

As a firefighting simulator, FLAIM TrainerTM uses an immersive virtual reality environment – combined with a patented haptics feedback system, breathing apparatus and heated personal protective clothing – to provide a unique training experience.

The system has proven to be a safe, low cost and mobile solution that can simulate a range of fire events and conditions – allowing firefighters to train more, train better, and train anywhere.

“The haptic feedback in FLAIM TrainerTM is represented through the ‘kick back’ of water pressure, which, combined with the virtual reality solution, allows trainees to use the system in any location,” said Professor Nahavandi

Images thanks to Deakin University

Car Fire Simulation from the FLAIM system
A firefighter gets to work on a grass fire

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below. There’s absolutely no substitute for the feeling of fighting actual fire, but this could be a very useful tool for recruit training, hazard identification and specialist scenario based training. 


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