Firies use CAFS tanker to pump up tyres

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We recently wrote an article showing off a new QFES CAFS Rural Heavy Attack Appliance which came with an interesting addon – the ability to use the CAFS tanker compressor to operator air tools or lines from the side of the appliance. So, we put out the feelers to see just how that would work and got a bunch of firies to pump up tyres!

The appliance was parked up next to the test subject ready to be pumped up. The CAFS compressor was engaged, which then pressurises both outlets on the sides of the appliance and the air lines were deployed ready to be used.

The CAFS Tanker comes stocked with air inflation tools, an air blower and a length of air line hose. On top of that, the standard inventory is:

  • Traffic Cones
  • Rakehoes and Beaters
  • 2x 10L fuel containers and pourers
  • 2x Driptorches
  • 4x 2.2m Suction hoses and strainer
  • 8x Lay-flat hoses, 5x hose branches, 2x side handlines, and a standpipe
  • Portable radios, torches, fire blankets, cooler fridge, fire extinguishers and an AED
You can check out the original article about the appliance here.

When we spoke to the officer on the night and asked how it went…

Looked easy. Like a good officer, I stood back and supervised (plus took a few photos!) đŸ˜€

If you want to know more about the appliance, check out the video below or read our full post with photos above. Thanks to Aaron Coghill for the photos and information!

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