Firies mistakenly leave their mascot unattended at joint training…

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Friendly banter between fire stations is nothing new, in fact, it’s often welcomed. Having a fire station mascot is something that brings pride to a station – the key is not to leave it unattended with other stations are around…

Silverwater Station had unknowingly left their mascot alone whilst at a joint station training session with Burwood Station – have a look at what happened to the little guy!

We kidnapped their mascot and took him on an astronaut training program… without Silverwater’s permission and sent them the ransom video!

Burwood Fire Station
Mascot Launched into the Stratosphere

Most stations have a mascot as they create a sense of unity and belonging for our diverse teams. Here is the result of what happened when Silverwater station left their delightfull little mascot unattended… A neighbouring station sent him into orbit. It's worth noting that an airbag deploys in 0.03 seconds. That's 3 hundredths of a second thanks to the chemical reaction of sodium azide (NaN3) and heat. Think about this next time you ride with your feet on the dash.

Posted by Fire and Rescue NSW Station 004 Darlinghurst on Wednesday, 3 October 2018

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