Fireground audio of firefighters calling in knife-wielding killer

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Sydney was sickened today by the callous actions of a 21-year-old man who seemingly went on a stabbing spree, killing one and injuring several more. The knife-wielding man was subdued by civilians and firefighters from Fire & Rescue NSW who were returning from a code call.

Listen to the audio below from Pump 17 as they come across the incident and inform comms of the situation.

Firecom Pump 17, white white white.

Pumper 17, pass your white message

17 white, could you notify police, there is a person with a balaclava on running up the street with a knife, possibly stabbing people. We’re near the corner of King and Clarence St, over.

Firefighters can then be seen in several of the clips running after the man who was still carrying the knife when he was apparently kicked in the back by a civilian, then restrained by firefighters and passers-by.

The footage is intense as you watch civilians and firefighters armed with halligan tools, chairs and a milk crate of all things, giving chase.

The courage these people displayed when giving chase to this man is nothing but commendable and huge hats off to those to were involved.

Thanks to Sydney Emergency for the audio – featured image unknown.

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