Firefighters push through flames for property protection

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More footage is being sent in from around the country of just next level fire activity sweeping across New South Wales and Queensland. The crew from Anna Bay in NSW sent us this footage of them arriving for property protection.

In what is a really down to earth video, you can hear the nervous tones of the crew’s voice – but at the same time, the resolve to push through it and get the job done. Watch as visibility drops to almost zero and fire rips up beside them along the road.

“We gotta get through it!”

“We arrived at that house and underwent property protection alongside Soldiers point and another brigade. The house was saved but we lost a horse shelter and a lot of fencing and chased spot fires around the paddocks. We then responded to Lakes Way and then to the Rainbow Flat area”.

Hang in there, guys. Without you – we would be lost.

Watch similar footage here!

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