Firefighters looking for water save another Fire Station and member’s cars

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Cootamundra 1 was out working the Dunn’s Road fire when their water levels ran low. Their search for water resulted in the local RFS station, Wondalga, being saved as the fire front roared through.

Having been on property protection in the area, Cootamundra was in search of water and ended up arriving at the local RFS station. Wondalga brigade, which is situated between Adelong and Batlow, was out fighting fire somewhere else, leaving their station and all their members cars undefended.

“We went to the shed looking for water. When we arrived, they had no power so we started their generator to get their water pump going … then the fire just came roaring at us.”

Cootamundra Brigade

As they backed their appliance into the station to fill it with water, the fire took a run out of the bush straight towards the fire station and all the cars belonging to Wondalga members. Lucky for them, it was now well defended by Cootamundra 1.

You can see the conditions in the video below – talk about in the right place at the right time!

It seems ‘Coota 1′ did a bit more good work that night, with comments being left on their facebook page from grateful residents of Wondalga.

Great save guys, you’ve done your station proud. I’m sure those Wondalga members were pretty bloody happy to return to their station and cars, rather than a pile of ashes. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

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