We got a chance to talk to Falls Creek Fire Station from the CFA about their Bombardier 500 appliance – what a beast!

It’s a Bombardier Go-Tract 500 Cab Chassis fitted with the Hale RMB 1000 Fire Pump (AKA Type 4 pumper for the alpine resorts or the “Oversnow Pumper”).┬áIt is 6.05 metres long, 2.65 metres wide (track to track edge) and 2.9 metres tall with a gross mass of 10 Tonnes.

It carries a crew of 4 people including the driver, driven by a 6Ltr Perkins 100 series turbo-charged diesel engine, a 6 speed automatic transmission, the tracks are a 915mm wide rubber and steel track which runs over 10 wheels (5 a side) driven by sprockets at the rear.

Steering is done with two steering levers, pull left turn left. Though not always so easy on ice and snow!

This is primarily a structural firefighting appliance with 4x CABA sets (including extra cylinders) all the hoses (38mm & 64mm Duraline hose), variable flow fog nozzles, the usual entry tools, and salvage equipment including a positive pressure ventilation fan. It also has a Elkhart model 8297 Monitor on top for great asset protection when needed.

All the lockers are swing up providing a little bit of protection from the falling snow, inside the front lockers all the equipment is on 3 roll-out stowage panels and one large roll-out draw. Out the back there are 2 rear and 2 side accessible hose bins (each one capable of holding either 60 metres of 64mm hose or 90 metres of 38mm hose).

It makes a great asset to our station as living in a ski-in/ski-out village it’s the best way for us to attend call outs.

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