English Firies complete charity walk for Aussie Firefighters

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As people rally around Australia in our time of need, we want to give a big shout out to the English Firies over in Lancashire that took part in a charity walk for fallen Aussie Firefighters. They walked 11 miles in full structural gear and BA and raised thousands of dollars along the journey, all going to Australian firefighters.

We’re walking from Lytham to Bispham today in fire kit and breathing apparatus to raise money for the Australian bush fires. We’re walking eleven miles for the eleven firefighters who have lost their lives battling the fires. Please give us a toot and a wave if you see us along the way and if you can spare a couple of quid for our buckets that’d be grand! The weather is pretty grim so some smiling faces along the way would go down a treat!

Lancashire Fire & Rescue

Their officer in charge, Watch Manager David Curran said “there was a lot of feeling within our station that we wanted to acknowledge the sacrifice these firefighters have given, not only to their job, but also their community. Everyone will have seen the horrific images on the news of the bush fires and we can only imagine the conditions the Australian firefighters are working in.”

It looks like they did it in fairly crappy weather, too! According to accuweather, they had a high of 8 degrees that day. 8! That’s a long walk, in bulky gear, in the freezing cold (and probably rain, right?) to support firefighters on the other side of the world.

Every firefighter who set out on the walk finished the journey, soaked and sore – but they managed to raise £4,411.10 by people donating online or stopping them along the way to throw cash in the tin. That’s roughly $8,568 AUD raised by these crews to support us.

It was a miserable start to the day but eleven soggy miles later and with a few more aches and blisters than when they started, everyone who took part finished the walk at Bispham Fire Station.

Thank you very much for the love and support – thanks for the walk, the awareness and the donations. You’re all legends.

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