Drunk guy mistakes FRNSW pumper for bus, hops on in!

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We’ve all had those big nights out where getting home seems to be quite a challenge – but we’re not sure we’ve ever gotten to the point of mistaking a fire truck for a bus and then passing out in the boss’s seat!

That’s exactly what this guy did. The crew from 005 were pulling up to grab their morning newspaper from the shops when a man grabbed the end of the door as the Station Officer was getting out, and hopped in! Using the adjustable reading lamp as a microphone, he muttered some words to himself and then he was out like a light – much to the surprise and humor of the crew in the truck!

You may get loose but there is nothing like getting 'Newtown loose'!This legend thought the fire truck was the bus. He…

Posted by Newtown Fire Station on Saturday, 17 December 2016

What a champion.


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