Drill: Tamworth RFB create great 65mm hose drill

Tamworth RFB 65mm Drill
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Check out this great problem solving and practical drill from Tamworth City Rural Fire Brigade. What a fantastic exercise for both seasoned and new members. Great stuff!

The Crew from Tamworth City RFB had to come up with a way to get water into the truck where a standpipe and traditional drafting weren’t available. With some help from experienced members, they came up with the idea of this clever 65 hose lay.

The exercise was designed to be a team building and equipment / truck familiarisation for some of our newest members with some problem solving thrown in. The scenario was that the truck needed to be refilled out on a big job, and no traditional water sources were available. We did say a helicopter was available, so the crew decided to build something that could be filled by a bucket.

A few options were tossed around, but it was decided that 2 lengths of 65 would probably work as a wall to line with a big tarp. After an unsuccessful attempt (the hoses collapsed) we realised the hose had to be fully charged during the build. After that, we used 4 witches hats to keep to the shape. In the photo above, the crew were putting the final wrap on before lining with a tarp. The whole thing worked really well. We filled it from the river with a portable pump then drafted back into the truck. It probably held about 2000 liters all in.

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