Dirty fishtank causes large scale hazmat in SA

Aldinga Beach HAZMAT
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We spoke with Aldingha Beach station from the CFS about an interesting HAZMAT incident they recently attended. This is certainly a different one!

We were called to a residential premises for a HAZMAT incident at approximately 2am. The residents had a salt water aquarium which they have had running for around 2 years. The tank had what they thought was an algae outbreak, so the day prior they decided to clean out the tank. They removed the corals and scrubbed them with a brush, releasing dangerous toxins that the coral uses as a defence mechanism.

The whole family (including the youngest child of only 4 months) got progressively sicker and sicker, needing to call emergency services. SA ambulance ended up transporting whole family who were all kept hospitalised for 24hrs.

First arriving crews requested additional HAZMAT resources which had to be rotated throughout the incident, which lasted nearly 18 hours. Brigades carried out decontamination of the whole house. Stations in attendance were Willunga, Eden Hills, Burnside, Stirling and Strathalbyn carrying out hazmat operations.

Photos: Al Sellars – Burnside CFS

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